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This is the Sega Saturn X Japan game.  In the game, you’re a photographer sent to take pictures of the members of X Japan.  Your other role is to run errands.  I put the times of when the members appear, but half the game is in English; so you can listen if you like.

7:45-10:04 Toshi

10:45-11:18  Heath

13:33-15:33 Pata

15:54-17:37 hide

Hide’s part has 3 options to choose from where he has different reactions.  This link shows the three reactions:

18:55-21:10 Yoshiki

21:25-22:00  INA

You can make your own MV of Rusty Nail

22:20-27:32 Rusty Nail

28:20-35:55 Longing ~跡切れたmelody

36:24-37:20 hide

39:30-44:08 Tears

In the credits it shows the MV you made and the pictures you took.

Yoshiki live im Tempodrom


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Question: Can you tell us about the content of the (Yoshiki Classical) tour and the most challenging thing about it?

YOSHIKI: In addition to the classical versions of X Japan songs, Anniversary song written for the Emperor’s 10th Anniversary of his reign and the Golden Globe Theme, I am thinking of playing some Tchaikovsky and Chopin’s songs. I need to practice though.. (Laughs)

It is a big challenge for me to tour the (symphony) halls around the globe as a composer and a pianist. I actually reclined an offer in the beginning. After releasing an album comprised of a collection of my classical songs, I had an opportunity to perform at the Grammy Museum once as I am one of the voting members. Immediately after the event, I was told that I should do a world tour. I reclined by saying, “It’s absolutely impossible, impossible, impossible!” But I got convinced in the end. I then said, “I wanna feel how it goes as I do this, so let me do this in 3 parts, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.” And I asked not to include Los Angeles and New York in the beginning. Because I was not ready to do it in such centers (of the world).

I have overcome a lot of things in my life, but I feel this tour will be yet the biggest wall of my life. I am confident, but I have anxieties as well. I want all my fans to support me. I will be practicing until the tour begins while I’ll be working over my plans (for the shows). This is the biggest challenge of my life, and I am really risking my life for it (as if it’s life and death).


It’s amazing how Yoshiki can make “impossible” “possible”!! He means everything he says.. I find it truly special, and I deeply respect that. He is our inspiration.. dream.. ThanX u~!!

Don’t worry dear, you will have our complete support! And.. you will be just fine ♡ Trust me!! Just please please take care of yourself, now, throughout the tours and always..


By Mika @mikaxxxxxxxxx

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