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[Oct 1, 2014] MC fragments from X JAPAN at Yokohama Arena by @mohyo2 


They speak a lot on stage in Japan. They don’t abroad, so I wanted to write what they speak. [ @Mohyo2 ]

Toshi MC: Sounds good! Let me hear your voice! For dear fans, we are glad to see you tonight! Someone watching in theater? theater !! And in living room, someone? Lazy people! Make you hear our voice! Then, our latest song…. Compose sugizo…. Beneath the skin! [ x ]

Toshi MC: Do you wanna hear yoshiki’s voice?

Yoshiki: How are youu? Ladies and gentleman? Ok? did you take something like wristband? Don’t put it into your bag.

Next song? Is hero. It’s hero! Yesterday I scream a lot instead of Toshi for saving his voice, my voice is glinty… I’m not vocalist so It’s, ok. And now well explain to u all about hero! [ x ]

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