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Yoshiki & Toshi in 「さんまのまんま」



First, the presenter(Sanma Akashiya) greets them with Happy New Year and they drink.

He asks, “You spent six months abroad and six months in Japan?

Yoshiki says, “Well, This year I haven’t spent a single month in Japan.”

Huh? All this time you were abroad?

Yoshiki: Yes.

Ah, New York?

Yoshiki: Los Angeles.

Oh, you were in Los Angeles! How did you do with the group, X? Wait… Explain it to me…

He is confused about the two! He mistook Toshi for Yoshiki and so on. He saw an interview with one of them but he was confused which was which.
Then he asks, “How does your schedule work with so many differences?

Toshi: We’ve been doing solo work but when X members get together we play a concert.

Then the presenter asks if LA is an interesting place.

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